Earn and Spend
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a Pay-to-Earn economy experience where people can earn/mine/trade virtual objects and items with $GEM. 
more info coming soon

what is this project?

This project will become a Pay-to-Earn economy experience where people can earn/mine/trade virtual objects and items with $GEM.

The game doesn't have a name yet but we are working on one!

This project is very ambitious and will need funding to succeed. Thats why we will use 50% of the $GEM fund's assets for this project. 


The games economy will be be based on "mining" digital goods like different gems with your digital mining rig, these mines are fueled by poop that you gather from animals and monsters that you collect.

Mining rigs are placed on mining plants that can be bought or can be rented from other players. Initial mining plants will be able to be bought from the game itself. There will be many different types of mining plants resulting in different types of mined assets!

All of these assets including the poop can be traded on the market!

Animals? Poop?

All animals in the game will produce poop every second, minute, hour or day! 
There will be different types of poop that will fuel the mining rigs in game.

These animals will be sold initally by the game just like the mining rigs. But later on users can sell and trade animals from other players.

Similair type animals will be able to be merged, meaning that two of the same animals can be merged into a new animal that has better stats/will produce poop faster and will produce more valueable poop.

Asset Minting? Market Place?

To ensure a fast experience without too many fees we try to minimalize the amount of actual NFT assets in the game and only minting when nessecery. 

The market place will work as following:
When a player buys an asset directly from the in game store or from another player with $GEM it won't directly be an NFT. The asset asset will be be stored in a centralised database. But if a player wants to mint that asset into a NFT to be traded outside of the marketplace they can!

When a player mints an asset into NFT form they will recieve an NFT after all records of the asset has been deleted from the centralised database to ensure nobody can mint multiple NFT's from one asset. They can later import this NFT into the game and the NFT will be burned by the game, when the burn has been confirmed a new asset will be created in the centralised database which will be given to the account of the player that imported the asset. 

This way you don't need to as many pay fees when trading and interacting with the assets in the game. It also ensures a faster and overall better experience without sacrificing guaranteed ownership.